Virtual School Psychological Assessments

Discover Aspire Educational Services’ virtual assessment and therapy services, offering private and secure solutions with HIPAA compliance, FERPA compliance, ISO 27001 certification, and end-to-end encryption. Our telehealth software works seamlessly on any device, making psychological assessments accessible and reducing cancellations, no-shows, and delays. Partner with us to meet your students’ needs and bridge the school psychologist shortage. 

School Psychological Testing – Bridge the Crisis with Aspire Educational Services 

School psychologist with document making notes while talking to schoolboy in classroom

Addressing the increasing psychological needs of students is vital, especially amid school psychologist shortages. Aspire Educational Services can help meet these demands through our fully secure and HIPAA-compliant platform. Our virtual school psychologists provide the same quality services online as in-person, ensuring ALL your students’ needs are met.

How Online Psychoeducational Evaluations Work 

At Aspire Educational Services, we offer comprehensive online psychoeducational evaluations using standardized assessments backed by extensive research. Our experienced school psychologists conduct robust record reviews and developmental histories to gain a deeper understanding of each student’s unique needs. Here’s how our process works: 

Digitized Stimuli for Engaging Assessments 

Concerned about stimulus materials? Rest assured, stimuli licensed from publishers are expertly digitized for use by our online platform. Students can conveniently view the stimuli onscreen, creating an engaging and interactive assessment experience. 

Standardized Assessments for Digital Use 

We leverage standardized assessments that have been adapted for digital use, ensuring accuracy and reliability in our evaluations. Backed by research, these assessments provide valuable insights into students’ cognitive abilities, academic performance, and emotional well-beingSome of the instruments we utilize include the WISC-V, WIAT-4, and KTEA-3.  

Onsite Support for Students 

During the evaluation, an onsite support person is present to monitor and assist the student as needed. It’s important to note that this individual is directed by the remote school psychologist and has no clinical duties, ensuring an unbiased and accurate evaluation. 

Our Network of Virtual School Psychologists – Enhancing Student Outcomes 

Aspire Educational Services has virtual school psychologists, ready to serve you and your students. All our online school psychologists at Aspire Educational Services possess a master’s degree, state licensing, and relevant certifications, guaranteeing great student outcomes without any HR concerns.

Drive Better Student Outcomes with Aspire Educational Services

Expand your school psychology capabilities and collaboration through Aspire Educational Services. Enhance planning, coordination, student monitoring, reporting, data accuracy, and clinician direct time, ensuring optimal results for your students. Rest assured that all our school psychology services are covered and fully IDEA compliant, providing the highest level of support to your educational institution.

Trustworthy Results with Online Assessments by Aspire’s School Psychologists 

Research shows that online assessments conducted by our credentialed school psychologists on our interactive teletherapy platform produce equivalent results to onsite testing. With Aspire Educational Services, you can trust our presence clinicians to conduct comprehensive evaluations, providing your team with the necessary insights to make informed decisions about each student’s support.